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Wild Goa Itinerary for January 2003

Southern Birdwing is pleased to announce its Wild Goan activities for the month of January. "All Wild Goa trips are not just fun "n adventure trips but serious attempts to explore nature. We do not encourage frivolity.

Goa birding trekking tour operators india
 T R I P S  S C H E D U L E D for J A N.

 12th Sun.- Wildgoa Jungle Calls at Bondla.
 18th Sat.- Footprints in the Sands !
 22nd Wed.- Making Friends With Birds!
 'Phone:  Neil:
402957, or 9822158688
401814 or 9822149745

    Goa birding holiday birding trips trekking tour operators India 12th Jan. : Wildgoa Jungle Calls at Bondla.malabar trogon

  • The meeting point: Outside the canteen, 7am till noon.
  • Description: Ready for some real forest birding? Then join us for some birding at tiny Bondla wildlfe sanctuary , where we hope to spot fairy bluebird, paradise flycatcher ,blackheaded yellow bulbul, shama, forest wagtail, malabar grey hornbill, heartspotted woodpecker, pygmy woodpecker, malabar trogon, large green barbet, velvet fronted nuthatch, bluebearded bee-eater, grey junglefowl etc.
  • Participation fee: Rs. 50/- Adults and Rs. 25/- for students.


counch - footprints in the sands    Goa birding holidays birding trips trekking tour operators India  18th Jan. : Footprints in the Sands !

  • The meeting point: Reismagos fort, near River Rays at 4 30pm till sundown.
  • Description: Many tourists flock to Coco beach, Nerul -but few do so to marvel at the myriad seashore life that is found by its rocky shelves. Go beachcombing with Deepak Apte, of the Bombay Natural History Society who has authored the popular " Book Of Indian Seashells" as he shares secrets of the seas with us on this nature trail..
  • Participation fee: Rs 50 for adults , Rs 25 for students.

Note: Earlier that afternoon, there will be a talk on conservation of marine resources by Mr Deepak Apte of the Bombay Natural History Society at the Goa Science Centre, miramar at 3:00 p.m. He will also speak about traditional fishing and impact of mechanisation.


osprey - Making friends with birds    Goa birding holidays trips trekking tour operators India 22nd Jan. : Making Friends With Birds!

  • The meeting point: Goa Science Centre, Miramar at 4 pm.
  • Description: Birds have fascinated, mystified and inspired mankind for thousands of years. Through a simple slide show conducted by Southern Birdwing , learn how to get closer to birds and discover a whole new world outside your window !
  • Participation fee: There is no participation fee, Goa Science centre will charge their usual entry fee of Rs 10 per person.


Goa birding trekking tour operators india Looking forward to hearing from YOU at the earliest.

Goa birding trips trekking tour operators india
Goa birding trips trekking tour operators india

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